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Before Your Home Is Just a Memory (CD) 2011

1. He Will Carry You Through *

2. I Can Trust Jesus

3. He Already Sees the Rainbow

4. Trading a Cross for a Crown

5. I Still Cling to the Old Rugged Cross

6. God Blessed America **

7. Heaven is Real ***

8. Bible Time in Heaven ****

9. Before Your Home is Just a Memory  *

10. God Gave You to Me *

11. I Have Been Blessed


Before Your Home is Just a Memory by Stephen Ray Nichols & Family • 2011

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

** additional vocals: The Hemphill family (Carolee, Melody, Courtney, Tiffany, Brandon & Benjamin) and Kisha Dion

*** song written by A.J. Nichols

**** song written by Justin Nichols

Before Your Home Is Just a Memory (CD) 2011

  • This CD is dedicated to two wonderful and amazing Churches.


    First to my precious Regency Baptist Church in Orangevale, California, who stayed faithful to the Lord in my absence as I had to go on an extended sabbatical due to my health. Without a Pastor for a year, my people stayed true and not only carried on the work of the Lord, but remained loyal to one another and to my family and me as well. They sacrificially provided for our needs.


    Second, to the wonderful Boeke Road Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana, home of Faith Music Missions. Boeke Road took care of my family and graciously provided a place for us to live as God brought strength and healing back into my body under the skillful care of Dr. Cal Streeter.


    I am forever indebted to these two incredible churches! It is my prayer that God will use my family’s music to be a blessing to your home and be part of the good memories of your children.

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