He's Not Here, He is Risen (CD) 1993
1. He's Not Here *
2. I'll Plead the Blood *
3. To Serve His Is All That I need 
4. When Moses Went Down To the Mountain **
5. Wonderful Peace
6. My Walking Shoes *
7. The Hem of His Garment Touched Me ***
8. Looking Through His Eyes 
9. My Dearest Friend *
10. Nothing But the Blood 


He's Not Here...He Is Risen by Stephen Ray Nichols • 1993

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols / Grace Southwick

*** song written by Grace Southwick

He's Not Here, He is Risen (CD) 1993

  • To the memory of Grace Southwick, who before dying with cancer, challenged me to write and sing for the Lord.  A special thanks to the people of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jackson, California, who backed this project with prayer and financial support. I would also like to thank my wife, Jeanne, for her love and encouragement.


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