1. It's More Than Just A Miracle *

2. That's My Jesus 

3. The Best Is Yet to Come 

4. The Stone's Rolled Away *

5. Heaven, Beautiful Heaven *

6. Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All the Time

7. One of These Days *

8. The Old Preacher's Prayer * (Dedicated to my father and father-in-law, two old time preachers)

9. It's in the Book *

10. There Is a Place by Me *

11. I'm Never Alone ** 

12. He the Pearly Gates Will Open 


It's More Than Just a Miracle by Stephen Ray Nichols & Family • 2004

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols /  Elizabeth Ozborn

It's More Than Just a Miracle (MP3 Album Download) 2004

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