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Keep Eternity in View (CD) 2007
1. Keep Eternity In View *
2. Some Sweet Day *
3. I'm Gonna Keep On Working
4. Under His Wings
5. Keep On Praying for Me **
6. Then Came Jesus *
7. Another Sinner's Headed for Home (A.K.A. "The Baseball Song") *
8. Unknown Heroes ***
9. Down in the Valley *
10. Calvary Answers for Me
11. Some Call It Heaven


Keep Eternity in View by Stephen Ray Nichols & Family • 2008

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols / A.J. Nichols

*** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols / Australian Evangelist Frazier Young

Keep Eternity in View (CD) 2007

  • This album is dedicated to... 


    Pastor & Mrs. Charles Nichols
    I owe my love for preaching to you, Dad, and my love for singing and writing songs to you, Mom. At 76, you're still preaching, Dad: and Mom, you still play the piano every Sunday. Each time I stand to preach, I know you stop your day to pray God's power on me. From your lips and from your lives, I've learned to "Keep Eternity in View" Thank you! I Love You!


    Pastor & Mrs. Richard Dion
    Papa D and Grandma, we all have learned from you a constant joy of the Lord. Through good times and bad, you just keep smiling and loving Jesus. The song Jeanne and the girls sing reminds us of what you have taught us: no matter what comes our way in life, we are "Under His Wings," and everything will be okay. We love you.

    Pastor & Mrs. Jack Trieber
    You are both very dear to our family. We consider you to be our Pastor and Pastor's wife. You came into our lives when our oldest son was just a few months old. Through the years your love and counsel has been a major source of strength to us. Thank you for helping us see and know God and His Will in our lives. We love you!!

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