Lord, Keep Me on Prayin' Ground (CD) 2011

1. My Heart is Set on Headin' Home *

2. Everything I Want *

3. There's Beauty in This World *

4. There's Always a Rainbow *

5. You Can't Keep a Singin' Christian Down *

6. He's Already There *

7. Lord, Keep Me on Prayin' Ground *

8. Rags of Sin **

9. He Set Me Free ***

10. God Uses Common Men *

11. I Have an Every-Word Bible *


Lord, Keep Me on Prayin' Ground by Stephen Ray Nichols • 2011

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols / Grace Southwick

*** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols / Joyce B. Nichols

Lord, Keep Me on Prayin' Ground (CD) 2011

  • This CD is dedicated to three wonderful men of God, who are my dear friends.


    First, to Pastor Gayle Russ, the founder of Boeke Road Baptist Church and the great Faith Music Missions. Because of Pastor Russ’ vision, music that honors Christ has been produced for over thirty years.


    Second, to Pastor Ed Russ, the man who took the vision of his father and carried it forth into reality. It is because of his selfless dedication that Faith Music Missions has become the absolutely incredible ministry it is today. He is an amazing and talented engineer and producer, second to none.


    Lastly, to Brother David Chamberlain, the most skilled, humble and Godly musician I have ever known. It is because of him that my music has been brought forth from heart to yours.


    It is my prayer and aim that all the songs that I write and sing are used of the Lord to draw the hearer closer to Him. I humbly pray that God uses our efforts in this project to be a strength to your life and to you family.


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