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My Saviour Goes with Me (CD) 2018

1. Well Done

2. Still

3. It Is Well

4. At Calvary

5. I Just Wanted You to Know

6. Bottom of the Barrell

7. I Found It All

8. By the Way of the Cross

9. He Never Gave Up

10. I'm Gonna Make It

11. Finish Well

12. My Saviour Goes With Me *


My Saviour Goes With Me by The Nichols Family • 2018

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

My Saviour Goes with Me (CD) 2018

  • The title of the CD, “My Savior Goes with Me”, carries a special memory for our family that reminds us of God’s grace. The fact that our father was able to write this song was a miracle alone. It has been the greatest privilege of our lives for the home that God gave us, having our Christian heritage passed down by our parents.  From their devotion to the Lord, to each other, and to the ministry, they are our truest examples of faithfulness, teaching us that our Saviour will always be with us through every season of life as we live for Him.


    We now strive to emulate this pattern given to us as we pass on that godly heritage to our families. This CD is dedicated to our heroes-Mom & Dad! Thank you!

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