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Only You (CD) 2023

Decades ago, I fell in love with a preacher’s daughter and married her August 15, 1987. Jeanne and I dreamed and prayed that all of our children would get saved, get to know the Lord, marry godly mates and serve Christ together with their lives. Miraculously, God has brought it all to pass! Oh, what a thrill to see our 15 grandchildren being raised for our Saviour. 36 years ago I wrote the song “Only You” for Jeanne, and sang it to her at our wedding. Our 4 children wrote songs for their mates as well, and on this album we share them with you. As Christians, we, more than anyone on earth, have something to sing about when it comes to the love our God has given us in our marriages. We pray that these songs are used to remind us all how precious it is to love and to be loved!

Only You (CD) 2023

  • 1. All of Me

    2. Always and Forever (Alisha Becker)

    3. I Will Always

    4. From This Day (A.J. Nichols)

    5. Beautiful in White

    6. Only You (Stephen Ray Nichols)

    7. Each Moment of Forever (Justin Nichols)

    8. Today I Promise ( April Donley)

    9. One Plus One

    10. This Beautiful Day (Stephen Ray Nichols)

    11. Someday Became Today (Stephen Ray Nichols)

    12. It Still Goes On (Stephen Ray Nichols)

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