Purchased with Blood (CD) 1995
1. It Was Jesus *
2. Purchased with Blood *
3. Then Came Jesus *
4. I've Been Justified *
5. He Loved Even Me **
6. Dear Jesus * (Featuring A.J. Nichols)
7. The Way of the Eagle *
8. All Alone 
9. So Little Time 
10. Could Have, Would Have, Should Have *


Purchase With Blood by Stephen Ray Nichols • 1995

* song written by Stephen Ray Nichols

** song written by Stephen Ray Nichols / Grace Southwick

Purchased with Blood (CD) 1995

  • The song "Dear Jesus" was written by Pastor Nichols after his son, A.J., prayed a prayer one night before bedtime.  This simple prayer touched his daddy's heart and prompted him to write the song "Dear Jesus."  It is our prayer that you will be blessed as well.


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