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Still Got a Song (MP3 Album Download)2022

Mrs. Nichols and I both grew up in pastors homes

surrounded by gospel music. Neither of us knew what a

precious gift that was until we were married and began

raising our own family. I made my first recording 30 years

ago, in 1992, at Faith Music Missions. Shortly after that. I

became ill and our lives changed dramatically. I've spent

much of these past years bedridden, battling illness, in a

wheelchair, and in and out of hospitals and clinics.

Over the years, the Lord began to give me songs, and as my

family and I recorded them, they gave us healing and

strength. As a family, now including 4 in law children and 12

grandchildren with 3 more on the way. God has used our

music to keep us on course and to face our trials with joy as

we trust in our Saviour.

God is always good, and He has proven that over and over to

us. Consequently, whether on the mountaintop or in the

valley, the theme of the Nichols family has been and will

always be 'Ive Still Got a Song"

Still Got a Song (MP3 Album Download)2022

  • 1. I've Still Got a Song

    2. Dont Go Near the Cave*

    3. With His Strength*

    4. Never a Time

    5. If God Is for Me

    6. The God That Cannot Fail

    7. I've Been to Calvary

    8. He Is Mindful of Me

    9. It Was God*

    10. Jesus Is My Anchor*

    11. Just Remember*

    12. God Made It All That Way*


    *songs written by Stephen Ray Nichols

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